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website design

Everything from small pin to large furniture is available online. Information technology has definitely changed the way customers buy things. Almost many of us prefer to do shopping using a single click rather than walking all the way to the shop.

User friendly website

In order to allure your target audience to your site, one thing you must definitely have is enticing and user friendly website. In today’s world of cut throat competition you cannot expect your target audience to accept whatever you serve in your platter. Securing a favorable position in this globally competitive business sector is not an easy job and one has to incorporate high quality business solutions that provide greater online visibility and place your site way ahead of your global competitors.

In a nut shell simply by creating website and providing information one cannot succeed in excelling. One needs to have a design that feeds into your website’s user experience, functionality and appropriately complements your content.

Fully utilize the experience and the knowledge Web Designer

To enhance your business, you have to fully utilize the experience and the knowledge of top ranked web designer in the following ways:

  1. Designing for conversion: One of the top most priority goals of web designer is to encourage a visitor reach out to your business through call – to action. Action can be anything – filling of form, making purchase etc. Having your target to perform your desired action easily is an important aspect of good web designer. Experienced web designer easily finds sweet spot between optimizing for conversion while still integrating an eye catchy and beautiful design by
  • Bringing attention to the landing page by having colorful, interesting photos or graphics that represents your company is an easy way to grab your visitor’s attention and keep their interest on your site’s landing page.
  • Use directional cues and clues to guide your visitor’s eyes to the things you want them to see or do and this is important aspect of a good website layout.
  • Be above fold by keeping all vital aspects of your site – navigation, search, social buttons “above fold” so to speak and be sure that vital information can be seen immediately before scrolling so the visitors can find what they need instantly.
  • Consider your brand aesthetic by having aesthetic that epitomizes overall feel and culture and thereby enhance your conversion rate.


  1. Designing for user friendliness: One of the most important aspects of positive web design is being user friendly. Four things that has to be kept in mind regarding User experience design (UXD)
  • Navigation: Site should be searchable easily and user should be able to see the navigation bar easily on the landing page.
  • Readability: Text should be large enough for the visitors to read conveniently. Fonts used should be understandable and enough contrast between background color and the text.
  • Load time: Remember in this fast life no one would like to wait even for few minutes for getting required information. What is expected is spot on Information instantly. Loading time of your page should not take less than 5 seconds as statistics shows that visitors are less likely to engage on a page if it takes long enough to load.
  • Clean and simple design: Are pages uncluttered? Is it organized and consistent? Are links and buttons spaced out well? Is the design aesthetically pleasing? All these counts a lot in luring your visitors


  1. Designing for responsiveness: Mobile phones, from smart phones to tables have taken over mammoth portion of the way we work and communicate. To enable easy surfing in these gadgets responsive web designs has become vita aspect in the modern web development. Having responsive web site is key aspect not only for your customers but also to the search engine as well as it paves way road to outrank your competitors.