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For all those who are making plans for a lengthy stay in Gurgaon the Service apartments in the city are perhaps the finest options.  A proof of this is the recent explosion of Service Apartments in the city. The preference of those who come to the city for business trips for Service Apartments is also a known fact. They have always preferred them over hostels.
Service Apartments are different from hostels that they offer a very pleasant home-like situation and present an ideal space for the guests to relax and chill out.  Besides the comfort that they offer the Service Apartments in Gurgaon are easy on one’s pocket. Thus, what you get is a good number of the services of 5-star hotels for a little bit of the cost!

Service apartments are of benefit to the tourists is several ways
All service apartments of the city feature the finest of designer furniture, home electronics, and essential household utilities. Such utilities are helping in lessening the stress of the professionals who have come to the city on a venture or relocation job. As they are in an unknown city a home-like setting makes their relocation simpler. They also offer several configurations that include a Single bedroom / a 2 bedroom. Thus, a traveler can pick the accommodation that suits them.
The number of medical tourists to the city has also got a boost due to the  Service Apartments Gurgaon. Several service apartments offer diverse accommodation options. They cover the gamut from a standard guest room on a day after day basis to elite suites, great 2-3 bedroom apartments, villas & penthouses, and studio apartments.  And all of these are located in secure and elite areas.
They offer Safety and Security
The service apartments here have security features that include manned guards for 24/7, round the clock power back up, Personal safe deposit, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, forceful security protocols and systematic background checks of all personnel. These go a long way in forming a safe, protected and setting for general tourists and business associated travelers.  They can thus stay relaxed and go about their work