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Smart Track – Vehicle Monitoring System

online vehicle tracking

Online Vehicle tracking system is an upgraded vehicle security system, by integrating SMS features to alert vehicle owners whenever intrusion occurs.

Smart Track Vehicle Tracking System is a Real-time vehicle tracking systems rely on both the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and a cellular system.

We can also say that A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

This system mainly uses GLONASS or GPS technology for the locating the vehicle, and the information of vehicle can be viewed on the electronic map. An interfacing mobile is connected to the microcontroller unit.

Microcontroller unit read the SMS and sent it to the GPS (Global Positioning System) module. GPS feeds the location in the form of latitude and longitude to the user’s mobile.

By reading the signals received by the mobile, one can take further actions. The vehicle also monitors the presence of the alcoholic gas in the vehicle. If any gas is present in the vehicle then the vehicle stops moving.

Users can access the real-time tracking data through customized software, often supplied by the company that supplies the hardware or by logging in to the tracking company’s website.

online vehicle tracking

Online Vehicle tracking:

There are many types of online vehicle tracking devices exist. Mainly two types devices are “Active” and “Passive”.

In passive device GPS location, speed, heading and sometimes a trigger event such as door open/closed, on/off are stored.

It includes auto download type that transfer data via wireless download.

Active devices also collect the same information but usually transmit the data in near-real-time via cellular or satellite networks to a computer or data center for evaluation.


Manage Your Fuel:

Increased Productivity

  •  Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by drivers. Key vehicle management reports such as Activity Report, Daily Summary Reports, and Total Distance Report give you control.

Reduced Overtime

Faster Response Times

Reduced Communication Costs

Custom Reports