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The African culture has always exerted a certain fascination towards the other cultures. Out of their entire cultural heritage, hair braiding styles represents one of the most important ancient arts brought to Europe and America. It has been passed on from generation to generation along time, originating in the Ancient Egypt, in approximately 3500 BC. There are different styles according to each African region or tribe, differentiating them one from another.  There are patterns of hair braiding associated with social status, age or the group they are part of.

Nowadays the braids don’t just have a functional use, they are also a way of expressing one’s identity and they are a style. The techniques changed over the time, there are many styles and have professionals specialized in this type of hair braiding styles. Braided hair just looks fabulous. Even celebrities are big fans of braids. Why? They give a very clean look, are easy to maintain, help grow a healthy hair in a shorter period of time and they feel very comfortable.

Braided hair would best suit young women, children but not only. If you choose an hair braiding styles for your child he/she can enjoy everyday activities without worrying about dirty hair, tangling or even breakage, especially if you have a girl. For adults, hair braids are appropriate for going to work, no matter the field you work in, because they give a healthy, clean look.

hair braiding styles

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