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Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Cerebral palsy term accumulated the groups of neurological disorders which affect development and growth of human due to disability problems in movement, posture and maintaining balance. It is also known as “CP“. There is no complete cure is possible to recover from the condition of cerebral palsy from the root of this disability. But there is various medical research shown that management in the condition of cerebral palsy can possible after some therapy, medicines and surgical treatment. These treatments can improve the ability of children affected by cerebral palsy and improve living quality of the child. We are going to these treatments which helps to improve the condition of cerebral palsy children which are given as below:

Therapy: There are many therapies use for CP treatment in which physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy are major therapy for CP treatment.

Physical Therapy: The main goal of physical CP therapy is to provide better coordination, body balance, strength, flexibility, pain management, posture and overall health improvement. In physical therapy, exercise depends upon the types of cerebral palsy. Spastic, Athetoid and Ataxic CP are the most common type of CP.

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy use for providing better ability to perform their daily work routine easily. It improves the chance of independence, improves the ability to learn and play, boosting the confidence of children, improving the quality of the child. Fine motor control, bilateral coordination, upper body strength and stability, crossing the midline, visual motor skills, visual perception, self-care exercises use for occupational therapy.

Speech-Language therapy: It is also important for cerebral palsy children who are unable to speak properly. It helps to improve the vocal pronunciation and language of children affected by CP. It helps in improving articulation, pronunciation, fluency, Sound and word formation, listening, Pitch, language, and vocabulary development, speech volume, Word comprehension, Word-object association, Breath support, and control, chewing, swallowing, speech muscle coordination and strength in CP children.

Surgery: In most critical cases cerebral palsy surgery and orthopedic surgery is required for proper CP management in children. It improves the deformity and disability of the child. It repairs the bones, joints, and tendons. It also places the arms and legs in the right position. Botox injections is used for handling stiffness in muscles. This injection also controls the involuntary contractions seen in the individual affected by cerebral palsy.