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cctv security solution kenya

Closed-circuit television, CCTV security system have become immensely popular for surveillance over large areas.

CCTV cameras may include places such as banks and casinos, airports and military installations, and convenience stores that require regular monitoring.

CCTV consists of a system of cameras that continuously monitor and record footage for viewing on a closed circuit television.

cctv security system

The most convenient thing about CCTV security system is that the user can view the recorded footage anywhere, including office, home, or somewhere else without being present on site.

An arrangement can even be made for live feeds to be watched real-time through the Internet.  CCTV systems can also be used to protect your home, inside and out.

From wireless systems that don’t require breaking walls to run cables to integrated systems.

That work with your intercom or alarm systems, one can choose from various options available.

With CCTV security systems you can be sure that your house is safe from unwanted visitors and criminals.

With a CCTV System, you can keep an eye on things even when you are out and about. From identifying intruders to providing reassurance to the public and your staff.

The technology of CCTV security cameras allow you to monitor any area you choose and Digital Video Recording makes it easy to quickly find high-quality footage should you require it.

CCTV security system Kenya

Endeavour Security Solutions Division supplies an extensive range of cameras & CCTV systems designed to increase the level of security in a business.

we can choose the most appropriate camera system for the duty at hand and the finances available. We are able to provide our accumulated expertise with a wide variety of technologies in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Our CCTV Security Cameras:
  • IP Cameras ( PoE & traditional)
  • Full Body Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Pinhole Miniature Cameras
  • Concealed Cameras
  • Day and Night Cameras
  • UFO & Bullet Style Cameras
  • Infrared LED Cameras
  • Infrared Sensitive Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras


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