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Pt.Radhe Mohan

About Pt: Radhe Mohan ji

Pandit Radhe Mohan is very experience in astrology. He has wide knowledge about stars,kundli,planet and lines of hand. He also has deep knowledge about vastu dosh. His prediction can not be wrong. He is good in stones and gems.Guru ji never greedy of money or fame. Guru ji is very famous in the india and other country as well like America,UK,Canada,South africa etc. He solve many cases of love problem, family problem, business problem many other problem. Guru ji master of reading the positions and relationships of the sun, moon, stars, and planets in order to judge their influence on human actions.
During the last 18 years he has gone through thousands of horoscopes and has imparted astrological consultations to foreigners, NRI people and locals in India also. He has deep studies of this subject and has great expertise over various matters such as Health, Money, Shares and Investments, Travels, Education, Progeny, Litigation, Business and Corporate Matters, Longevity, Career, Marriage and related matters viz. Romance and Divorce. etc.


What We Offer

Love Specialist

Love guru ji is very famous in the world for his wide knowledge about astrology of love. He is very good in love problem. His success rate in love cases is 100% . His knowledge is very deep about relationship problem. He can not predict wrong about love . Guru ji never give false suggestion. He is very accurate. He solve lots of cases of love problem. He is master in it.Guru ji never fail in love cases.

Family Problem

Guru ji helps the people who suffer with family dispute and other family problem. He is the most successfull astrologer in the world in the term of family dispute. Family Dispute Solution Astrologer is world-renowned for being the best family relationship problem specialist. Family Dispute Solution Astrologer expertise in dealing with family disputes; with compassion and discretion have made him quite a sought after figure.

Business Problem

Thousand of people passed out from college in every year. But they can not get a good job. Our guru ji help the people to get a good job with thier worship and tantar mantar. They also help people in their bussiness with guidness of strars and planet. You get very good sollution of bussiness related, acording to kundli and line of hand. Sometimes the business partner is not happy with the success and they try their best to harm you, use the worship in that case to get rid of your enemies.

Life Problem

You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world's problems at once but don't ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.Guru ji helps the people for solve their life problem.Guru ji never failed to right accurate judgement of life.He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.