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hifu-treatment-clinica-fioreHigh Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment is a procedure which uses high-frequency ultrasound energy for destroying the cells by heating them. Medical industry has recently added this procedure on their treatment list. Though it’s results are satisfactory and it has a great success record, people are still confused about the procedure. Here we are discussing about HIFU treatment, its advantages and disadvantages to help you.

About HIFU treatment:

Basically, this treatment used to destroy the cancer cells using sound wave. The sound wave produces a intense heat of 195 degree by focusing on the affected tissue. No surgeries or radiation are required in HIFU treatment. According to the doctors, this is one of the safest therapy for preventing cancer in the first stage.

How does HIFU deals with the cancer cells?

The cells were targeted by an extremely focused sound wave to produce heat, causing instant death of the tissues. The therapy needs an acoustic lens to focus on the intersecting beams of ultrasounds. Every beam passes through the cells by affecting them and it destroy the cells when all the beams were converged togetherly
on a same point.

HIFU is eligible for whom?

Not all cancer patients are eligible for this treatment as the sound waves are not able to destroy all the cancer cells form all over body. The patients who gets worried about the side effects or have tried other cancer therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, can try this procedure. It is important to consult your doctor before choosing this therapy as not all cancer patients are eligible for HIFU treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages of HIFU treatment:
The advantage and disadvantage of this treatment varies from one person to another.

  • This is one of the main reason for choosing this surgery over the other ones. HIFU treatment is comparatively more presumptuous than the other cancer treatment procedures.
  • As this therapy takes only few hours of time to held the entire procedure, you can go home on the same day with lower complexity.
  • The treatment has lesser chances to harm over the surrounding areas and nerves of the affected areas.
  • Though the therapy is new on the medical industry, it has been proved to be very successful in repairing  the cancerous cells.


  • The main problem of this treatment is many people are still not concern about this treatment due to the less availability of information regarding this procedure.
  • You may face some side effects after this therapy like several headache or slight redness on the treated area, though these are very rare cases.

The HIFU treatment was not only approved by the cosmetologists, it has many positive reviews from the patients who experienced this therapy. If you are interested in this method and want to know more information regarding this procedure, then you can consult with the doctors for HIFU treatment in London by fixing an appointment with them.