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Teachers live in constant states of reinvention. In education over the past several years, the groundwork has been laid. We are now in a time when areas such as inquiry, equity, and voice and choice of students are guiding practice and pedagogy. As we look to make 2017 the best it can be in education, here are six education trends to watch in the year ahead:

  1. Students as critical consumers and content creators

Now more than ever, our students need to be equipped with the skills needed to be careful evaluators of information. This year we can expect increased emphasis in both instruction and assessment on areas of digital literacy, media literacy, and civic education. Students will be asked to critically evaluate information and sources and discover the importance of high quality, relevant content.

2. Blended environments and flattened walls

The concept of ‘classroom’ has been shifting in recent years with dedication to purposefully designed learning spaces and seamless integrations of technologies. This year, we will read more…